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Student Doctor GalwayHere at Galway Bay Medical Centre we understand that going to the doctor is only slightly less appealing than attending lectures but now that we are older and possibly wiser, we also know that looking after your health as a student can only benefit every aspect of college life, especially the important bits like studying for exams and getting up early in the mornings. Honest. You’ll thank us when you’re older.

With this in mind, we have extended our student discounts to cover sexual health screenings, general check-ups, contraceptive advice and much more. In fact, whatever you need, if you are a FULL TIME student with a valid student card who is under 23, ask us and we’ll give you a reduction where we can. We’ll do our best to get you an appointment at a time that suits you and to keep your waiting time to a minimum. The only downside is that if your mammy sees this page that will blow your chances of getting away with telling her that the doctor cost 50 or 60 euro...... How you deal with that is one of the few things that we can’t help you with. For everything else, give Michelle a ring on (091) 530054.


Student Price List

Service Cost
Doctor Consultation €40
Doctor Consultation with Bloods €50
Nurse Consult (e.g. Pill renewal, blood test) €30
Nurse Health Check with bloods €40
Full STI Screen €60  
Chlamydia Testing €30

Our Services include:

Family Planning
Travel Medicine
Weight Management
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