Chronic Disease Management Program

The Chronic Disease Management program is a nationwide health promotion program from the HSE which aims to prevent and manage chronic disease through your local GP.
At Galway Bay Medical Centre, we provide this program and are encouraging our patients to register to be included. This is currently free of charge for patents who have a medical or GP visit card.
We are happy to offer a similar service to private patients but the cost of this will not be covered by the HSE.

Am I eligible?

If you have one of the conditions outlined below you are probably eligible for this program:
Asthma or COPD
Cardiovascular (heart) disease including atrial fibrillation, angina, stroke and heart attack
Type 2 Diabetes

How do I register for this program?

We invite patients who have a chronic disease to register with us and you may receive a call from us in relation to this. However, if you have not been contacted and would like to register, you are welcome to call or email us.

What happens after I register?

Once registered, you will be invited for an appointment with our nurse.

This assessment will involve taking a medical history, an examination and blood tests.

We can add on appropriate tests such as an ECG or a 24 Hour BP monitor if the GP thinks these are required.
Once your blood test results are back from the laboratory we will invite you back for review by one of our GP's to discuss your results.
You will have an opportunity to ask question or talk to us about your medical concerns. We will then make a management plan to optimise your care.
There is no change for this service unless you have additional issues or tests that are required.
If you are unable to attend in person, we also offer video appointments where possible.
You will be issued with a written care plan after the assessment.
We will also issue you with an updated prescription where appropriate.
You will be entitled to 2 assessments per year on this program.

Should I register for this program?

We encourage anyone with one of the chronic diseases mentioned above to participate.
This programme will give you the opportunity to discuss concerns, to monitor your underlying illness which can help prevent complications and because we regularly review your care plan and progress, we hope to for early detection of any new conditions.
In the longer term, this will help you avoid being referred to the hospital which usually means long waiting times and may be far from home.
If you find this program does not suit you, you can opt out at any stage or discuss issues with our medical team.

What information do I need to provide?

At each review, the following information will be recorded:
● Name and age of patient
● Chronic disease diagnosis
● Medical history
● Symptoms
● Your test results and your management plan

This information is then used by the HSE to improve services and programs.
All information is treated as confidential and processed strictly in accordance with GDPR and Privacy legislation.

For further information on the Chronic Disease Program, you can click HERE:

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