Covid 19 - Update

Update – 18 March 2020

Since Monday 16th March, GPs can order a test for Covid-19 by electronic referral following a phone consultation with the patient.
Given the volume of people to be tested you can expect delays in this system and at the moment it's unclear how long you might wait for both testing and results but somewhere between 1 to 4 days seems likely.

Our team are working to ensure that we stay open for as long as possible and to help as many people as possible.
To do this in a manner which is safe enough for both patients and staff, we have had to find a different way of working.

We had to take the decision to work behind locked doors since last week, to reduce the number of people in the building, in particular to prevent people with active covid infection from entering the building and spreading the virus to staff and vulnerable patients.

We are still here and providing most of our consultations by phone and video while keeping the option to invite certain patients in for examination and further tests as required.
It was announced on 17th March that the government will fund these Covid 19 related phone calls and onsite assessment service for all patients, both public and private which we welcome.

We can provide phone and video consults for regular appointments that don't involve Covid 19 queries.

Phone consults are €40 and Video Consults are €50 paid in advance.

We continue to provide onsite appointments for some services which simply can't be done by phone or video, including childhood vaccinations, antenatal care, necessary blood tests, procedures and some other services.

All requests for appointments must go through our reception staff.
Please be patient as we have limited capacity to deal with all phone and email enquiries as fast as usual, but we are trying to keep up with demand.

We won't be accepting walk-ins for a while and access to the surgery is strictly by appointment.
If you need to order certs or prescriptions please do so as normal, by phone or email.

Please be reassured that when we need to examine patients with suspected covid infection on site, that we do so in a safe and recommended way, to reduce the risk to others and ourselves.

You can get up to date information about the Covid-19 international pandemic from:
HSE : Click here
HPSC: Click here

For information on Covid 19 related Social Welfare questions:

Gov.ie: Click Here

Department of Foreign Affairs advice on travel: Click Here

There is an incredible amount of false information and lies out there at the moment so we would caution you to be careful where you go for information in this crisis.

And finally....... stay at home. Unless you need to leave your house, don't.

We can slow down this virus enough so that our health service can deal with it but only if everyone works together.

Stay at home, wash your hands, if you need to go out, practice social distancing. It will save lives.

Stay safe from the team at GBMC

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    We will update once we know more...

    Thank you


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