What is a 'screening test' ....

This is a great article by David Robert Grimes in the Irish Times today. Explains in plain English the difference between 'screening tests' and 'diagnostic tests', the limitations of screening for disease, what 'false positive' means and more, in the context of the CervicalCheck scandal....

Between politicians pretending they know what's going on and journalists writing nonsense, there are a lot of dangerous lies out there that need to be countered.

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......the purpose of a smear test is to identify individuals with markers that might indicate future disease potential. It is explicitly not an individual diagnostic cancer test but a population-wide screening tool designed to reduce cancer incidence in asymptomatic healthy people.

To this end CervicalCheck has been remarkably effective – prior to its introduction Irish cervical cancer rates were rising by 4 per cent annually. Since introduction this trend has reversed, and we have witnessed an annual drop in incidence of 7 per cent......


Article published 18/5/18 in the Irish Times

Written by David Robert Grimes.

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