Vaccine availability update: July 2017

Vaccine availability update: July 2017

Hepatitis B: Unavailable worldwide.
Hepatitis A: In worldwide short supply and only available in limited quantities. We can't guarantee stock at the moment but we do have a few in the fridge.
Combined Hep A & B: No longer available
Combined Hep A & Typhoid: Not available at present.
Typhoid: In worldwide short supply but we have limited availability
Chickenpox: short supply. We're limited to ordering 4 vaccines per month by our supplier.

If this all sounds a bit ridiculous, rest assured we agree with you. Unfortunately, for each of these vaccines we may only have access to a single supplier so shopping around is not an option for us.
If you are planning a trip and think you may need vaccines, we suggest you phone us and book an appointment with one of our travel specialists.
Don't forget, most vaccines give 10 years of immunity so there's no point in waiting until the week before you fly.

Thanks, GBMC Travel Medicine Dept.

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