Chickenpox Vaccine Galway

We are happy to offer chickenpox (Varicella) vaccination to children aged 14 months or older. Many parents would like their children to be vaccinated against this infection to help prevent the considerable misery to the child, as well as up to 2 weeks off work for the parent. One vaccine offers 95-100% protection from chickenpox, but also reduces the risk of them developing shingles in later life. It is in the routine schedule in many countries but not in Ireland yet. The cost is €90 and it is available by appointment with our nurse.

It must be given at least a month after other vaccines so we recommend giving it a month after your baby has the 12-month and 13-month vaccines, ie at 14 months, but can be given any time after this too. Along with our baby-changing facilities, these are services which are provided due to feedback from our patients. Please advise us if there are other services you feel we should offer.

Full details on our main Chickenpox Vaccine page...

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