Floating Doctors - Life Saving rescue

Floating Doctors

Floating Doctors are a non-profit medical relief team who operate from an expedition vessel called The Southern Wind which they use to deliver medical aid and relief to the isolated people who are their patients.

The Floating Doctors Mission is to reduce the present and future burden of disease in the developing world, and to promote improvements in health care delivery worldwide

Staffed by volunteer doctors from around the globe, The Floating Doctors provide essential care to the most isolated communities on the planet.

3 years ago, Dr Kim Wilson of GBMC became one of these volunteers and spent some months among the communities of Rio Cana. In the video below you can watch as she is involved in saving the life of a young mother and her baby.


In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew and the devastation it has brought to Haiti, now would be a great time to make a donation to The Floating Doctors. To put a donation in context, the rescue depicted in the video above cost $170 in fuel for the boat. Without this fuel, there would have been no rescue. Your donation can actually save a life.

Follow the donate link below to help...


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