HPV Vaccine - The Facts

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.......ominous reports of “vaccine-damage” still circulate. Some of this is based on simple misunderstandings, but a significant proportion is down to the success anti-vaccine campaigners have in sharing their claims online and across social media. In particular, claims that the HPV vaccine causes thrombosis and chronic fatigue are common , but have been comprehensively debunked. Anti-vaccine sites also perpetuate the falsehood that Gardasil has been banned in Japan .

Despite the paucity of evidence for damaging effects from Gardasil, there have been a number of legal challenges mounted against it, most recently in December 2015 by Fiona Kirby, who is being supported by Irish group Reactions and Effects of Gardasil Resulting in Extreme Trauma (Regret). Kirby alleges that her daughter suffered “horrendous” adverse effects after being given the vaccine, and Regret claim that upwards of 140 girls are suffering severe non-specific reactions to the vaccination, from fainting spells to fits. The group’s attempt to obtain an injunction for a withdrawal of Gardasil made it to the Irish High Court, and although it was refused, the movement shows no signs of abating – if anything, they have received an incredibly sympathetic media airing......

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