New Rules for Laser Eye Surgery...

Your GP is always available to discuss any form of surgery and your referral options. Expensive ad campaigns do not necessarily equal competent medical professionals.

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New guidelines have been drawn up for eye laser surgery amid growing concern over the use of hard-sell tactics in persuading consumers to undergo the procedure.

The guidelines from the Irish College of Ophthalmologists are voluntary, but the college says members who do not adhere to them will be refused membership.

Thousands of eye laser operations are carried out every year, the vast majority successfully. However, with complications arising in a minority of cases, the amount of litigation is increasing. At least 21 cases have been taken by individual consumers against a number of high street eye laser clinics since 2008.

Ophthalmologist and eye surgeon members of the college are increasingly concerned about the tactics used by some operators to market the procedures to customers and about the levels of pre- and aftercare provided.

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