Men's Health Week 2014

Men's Health Week 2014

Men's Health Week 2014 runs from Monday 9th until Sunday 15th June 2014 and is celebrated in most European countries, as well as in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and a number of other places worldwide. The theme for Men's Health Week 2014 on the island of Ireland is: 'Challenges, Choices and Celebrations'.

A booklet was developed recently - titled 'Challenges and Choices'- which poses a series of simple, practical challenges to men in an effort to radically improve their health.

The manual has been written by internationally acclaimed men's health author Dr Ian Banks (President of the European Men's Health Forum, and resident of Northern Ireland). It is based upon the highly successful series of 'Haynes Manuals for Men' developed by Dr Banks. These publications use the widely recognised Haynes Car Workshop Manual format (which many men are already familiar with) to promote health messages in a straightforward, step-by-step, humorous and commonsense way. Indeed, in the opening pages of this manual, Dr Banks tells his readers:

'WARNING ... Reading this manual can seriously improve your health!'

It is also well known that there are many challenges to be faced when seeking to improve men's health. However, it also highlights that men's health can be improved in many significant ways - if men make the right choices. Men, need support, encouragement and opportunities to succeed. This manual provides the information and the tools. Men's Health Week offers the opportunity to make a change'.

For more information visit www.mhfi.org or make an appointment to speak with your GP.

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