Our Childrens Health Campaign

Today is Day 2 of the OurChildrensHealth campaign. Launched on May 20th 2014 the goal of this effort is to amend the 1970 Health Act to provide for automatic entitlement to a Medical Card for any child diagnosed with a serious illness.

Our Goal:

  • Automatic full eligibility for health services should your child be diagnosed with a serious illness or congenital condition, up to and inlcuding the required aftercare as specified by your consultant.
  • An addendum to the Health Act of 1970 to provide a legal basis for, and underpin this right.
  • A commitment from Oireachtas members to adopt and actively pursue this policy independently of any other party policy on health.
  • A fundamental re-evaluation of health policy in Ireland, that full eligibility is granted on the basis of medical need and not financial means.


Please sign the online petition on the website. Click here

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