Winter 20/21 - Covid19, Influenza and our Safety Policy 

In keeping with public health guidance, we have had to make some changes to our appointment arrangements.
This reflects increasing pressure on our service and staff, both of which need to be protected.

If we fail to keep our staff safe and well, we will not be able to look after you when you need us most.


  • We will continue to deliver as many of our consultations by video consult where possible.

Moving to Video consults has greatly reduced the footfall in the surgery and waiting room and has helped us to protect our vulnerable patients and staff from Covid19. We use a very simple, user-friendly platform for this purpose. Phone consults will be used if technical problems prevent a video consult.

  • Please note all patients with fever or respiratory symptoms (cough, shortness of breath, change in taste/smell) must not enter the surgery...

unless by arrangement after GP assessment by video consult. We send electronic referrals where indicated for prompt Covid19 testing during your video consult and advise about your treatment plan. Sick children and adults who need to be assessed in surgery can be seen but this will involve using PPE (personal protective equipment) which takes more time and we will try to avoid these consults if possible. Adults may be referred to the HSE Covid-Hub instead when operational.

  • Patients should not be in the consultation room for longer than 15 minutes for a face-to-face consultation...

with only occasional exceptions, otherwise both patient and doctor will count as close contacts of each other if there is a positive Covid19 diagnosis. The knock-on effect of mandatory quarantine would reduce our staff numbers and affect many other patients looking for medical care.

  • For up-to-date advice on covid-19 and related problems regarding schools, creches, testing, travel and workplaces

please avoid calling us unless you fail to find the answer to your queries on 

  • We will insist that you focus on just one problem per consultation...

and inform us at the beginning of the consultation if there are other problems, as we can arrange further video consult(s) as needed to address these at a later date. Please avoid bringing up other problems towards the end of your consultation, as the doctor won't have enough time left to deal with them safely, and there are knock-on effects for all others waiting.

  • We regret we will be unable to provide extended face-to-face consultations...

for the foreseeable future for a 'shopping list' of problems. If you have a few problems, we recommend dealing with the most important one first in your video consult and ask the doctor how many further appointments will be required. Thank you for your co-operation with this.

  • Please be patient if your appointment is delayed or interrupted...

This can happen if the GP or nurse is called to another urgent medical query, or there are unexpected complexities with patients. We do our best to avoid this but sometimes it just can't be helped.



This winter, we anticipate a significant surge in demand for GP appointments, due to the expected increase in the numbers with symptoms of Covid19, the increase in sick children needing assessment, their parents requiring consults regarding certification for work, normal flu season, increased mental health consults, resumption of preventive work and screening programs like CervicalCheck, ongoing delivery of antenatal care and childhood vaccines in person as always, new chronic disease programs for over-70s with specific conditions, along with the existing myriad of all-you-can-think-of medical symptoms requiring care, which had us at full capacity as it was.

We have been providing teleconsultations by video consult since the beginning of the lockdown in March 2020 andboth patients and staff are happy with this arrangement.

We find it closely replicates a face-to-face consultation (80% of which is talking anyway), we can do a great deal of relevant examination by video or photo-dermatology, and we now send all scripts to your pharmacy of choice instantly by e-script.

In many cases it is more convenient for our patients in many cases as they can have their consultation in their own homes at an approximate time to suit. It also allows us some flexibility with service provision as our GPs can work from home if they are isolating due to potential Covid19 symptoms or restricted movements when a family member is being tested.
If the doctor needs to examine you in person this can still be arranged after your video consult and any such examination will be kept as brief as possible to reduce risk.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all our patients who have been so understanding of the many changes we have had to make in the past few months.

We really appreciate your ongoing co-operation and would welcome any feedback you may have on our service.

We will continue to prioritise the protection of our frontline healthcare staff so they can still be available for you as much of the time as possible.

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