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We are sick of saying 'Sorry'..

GPs are sick of saying sorry


Why are GPs protesting outside The Dail on Wednesday next?


In short, because we are fed up being at the frontline of our dysfunctional health service and are sick of saying sorry to patients for all the things we can’t provide but are expected to.......

A GP perspective on abortion and repealing the 8th amendment

A GP perspective on abortion and repealing the 8th amendment

Crisis pregnancy is a very lonely, isolating and stressful time for a woman. As a GP dealing with women and men in crisis for various reasons on a daily basis, I feel strongly about supporting people in whatever way is appropriate for that person at that point in time, after discussing their healthcare options.
My priority is always the health and wellness of the patient confiding in me......

My patients and I appear to be a nuisance to the hospital system.....

This article by Dr Sinead Murphy is published in the Irish Times of September 9th 2015

General practice has changed since my father began his career in the late 1970s. When Dr Murphy snr applied for his first post, more than 70 GPs applied and every one of them wanted that job.

When he retired five years ago, a small handful of GPs showed an interest in taking over his busy country practice. Dozens of GP posts now remain unfilled for want of a single applicant........



Why Are GPs Not Happy About Free GP Care For Under-6s
As you will know, the Irish Government made a promise some time ago to give free GP care to all children under the age of 6. It is their stated intention that this scheme will be operational by 1st July 2015, whether GPs are on board or not, with further age cohorts to follow. I reluctantly signed the Under-6s contract today (under duress).
On the surface at least, this scheme is great news for parents, and most GPs will get a financial boost from participating (myself included), so it may seem strange that most GPs are not happy about signing this contract.......,.
Quippe Medical - Clever products for Diabetics

You may have seen our recent news article on Quippe Medical from Melbourne and their clever range of diabetic products. 

We asked Cian Murphy if he would write a guest blog for us to tell us a little more about the company and how it all started. Please spread the word and hopefully we can help make other boys lives a bit easier too...

Take it away, Cian....

The real cost of the crisis in General Practice
We are in the midst of a crisis in General Practice in Ireland but few seem to be fully aware of this, apart from GPs.

The Government have been told, but they are in denial and still following their own misguided agenda when they could be listening to GPs on the ground.......

Who'd be a GP?

We don't normally re-post articles from other sources but this short letter from The Guardian is worth a read......

What does my GP do all day?

As a GP I understand that, for the majority of people, the prospect of having to visit me is only slightly more welcome than a visit to the dentist. You want to get in and out with as little hassle as possible, explain your problem and leave with a solution.
For many of my patients, that's the service I provide.
As a result, you might believe that my area of expertise is limited to the last medical problem that you asked for my help to solve.

So too do all the other patients that you shared a waiting room with on that day.......

Free GP Care for Under-6s...An update

So what's happening about the free GP care for Under-6s, didn't the Government promise it

would be in place by Summer 2014? 

'Government in broken promise' shocker. It's hardly a new headline...

The Scientific Facts about Vaccines and Autism

A recent Ipsos MORI poll has shown that doctors are the most trusted profession with 88% of adults surveyed in the UK saying that they trust doctors to tell the truth.....


I have a dream...

Alex Kinne Coyle is a young boy with a rare disease who had his medical card taken from him by the Department of Health so that a medical card can be given to a healthy Under 6 year old instead.....

Ministers Reilly & White seem determined to push through their vision of 'Free' GP Care for Under 6's without any regard to the concerns or expertise of the GPs tasked with delivering this care, 92-98% of whom have stated that they cannot sign the proposed contract as it is unworkable. So how will the HSE deliver free GP care?.........
Free Haircare for All...

Imagine this scenario...

One morning in January 2014 the Irish Government announces that from July of this year, haircare for Under 6s will be free.......

Restore Project

We need your help....

If you are a member of the Polish/Portuguese/Russian community living in Galway we need your help.....
General Practice in Crisis

You may have noticed a lot of attention in the media recently about the fact that over 90% of Irish GPs have said they will not sign up to the current draft of proposed 'free' GP care to Under-6s.

The document that is causing such concern among GPs is intended to enable the provision of 'Free' GP care to under 6's, as promised by Minister Reilly out of the blue some months back without so much as a word of consultation with the GPs who are supposed to provide this care and with only a passing reference to the resources required.

Much will be made in the coming weeks of our refusal to sign as the Government try to dig their way out of this latest fiasco.

GPs will be painted as greedy, money-grabbing, uncaring individuals who don't want to look after the countries children. Inflated details of the monies paid to GPs will be leaked to the media (as they are every year) in a bid to turn public opinion against us.

It is only fair that GPs get a chance to present our side of this situation in advance of the Government spin machine....

Is it difficult to digest? We can help...

At Galway Bay Medical Centre we are lucky to be able to offer the services of a highly trained Clinical Dietitian who deals with a broad range of gastrointestinal conditions.

We are the only Medical Centre in Galway to offer the Low FODMAP diet as a treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

This treatment will be delivered by Aisling Snedker RD, Clinical Dietician from and we are very pleased to welcome Aisling as our first guest blogger. Aisling will be sharing her extensive knowledge of Diet and Nutrition with us over the next few weeks starting with an in depth look at the Low FODMAP diet and how it can help those who suffer from IBS


Over to you, Aisling....

Steal from the poor and give to the rich

Free GP Care for Under-6s

It is unethical and immoral to select children of high earners for free GP care over those on lower income, those with chronic illnesses and other vulnerable patients whose taxes are being used to fund it but who won't get free care themselves........

Starting 2014 on a positive note
We don't normally use the blog to repost content from around the Web but the article below deserves to be shared as widely as possible........
I remember clearly when the novelty of finally being a 'real' doctor wore off, along with my notions of becoming a surgeon.......
Welcome to our New Website....
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  • Apr 12 2021

    We are vaccinating our High Risk patients: Contact Us.


    Covid 19 Vaccinations for High Risk groups

    It has been a long wait for everyone, but we can finally start preparations for vaccinating our patients in-surgery.

    We don’t know yet when exactly we will get out vaccine delivery, but we are already well advanced in the task of identifying the patients who are next to be vaccinated.

    These will be the patients from the Very High Risk (Cohort 4) and High Risk (Cohort 7) groups.

    Not all of the patients in these groups will be vaccinated in General Practice, with most of the highest risk patients being contacted by Acute Services and called for vaccination in the hospital.



  • Feb 12 2021

    Covid19 Vaccination Programme


    Covid19 Vaccination Programme

    The rollout of Covid19 vaccines for all patients over the age of 70, is due to begin the week of 15th February 2021.

    The first group to be vaccinated will be age over 85, followed by age 80-84, then 75-79, then 70-74.

  • Dec 29 2020

    Covid19 Vaccination Programme


    Covid19 Vaccination Programme

  • Dec 24 2020

    Xmas Opening Hours 2020


    Xmas Opening Hours 2020

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