Why we feel that Galway Bay Medical Centre services represent value for money:


  • From 0830 Monday to Friday we provide a service that, within reason, allows you to see the GP you want to see, on the day you want to see them, at a time to suit you.

  • We have no waiting lists.

  • When we are closed we provide 24-hour access to GPs on your behalf through both a midweek rota and at weekends the Galway City GP Rota (a privately run service with no HSE involvement) at no extra cost to you. GBMC, along with other GP practices, contributes many thousands of euro to the rota costs and arrangements for staff to run this service, for the benefit of our patients. Yes, if you don't have a medical card you will still have to pay if you use the service but try calling out a Paediatrician or dentist at 3am some morning for the sake of comparison.

  • We offer expert medical opinion and treatment for whatever problem you walk in the door with for about one-third of the cost of seeing a Consultant privately. In 95% of cases our GP's can resolve your issue without recourse to a vastly more expensive specialist.

  • In one city centre location, surrounded by parking, coffee shops and pharmacies we have gathered a team of specialists to ensure that (almost) any service you might need can be accessed here... top quality Physios, Registered Dietitian, Podiatrist, Psychologists and Paediatrician. Where appropriate, we can enhance your care by consulting within our team.

  • We are continually adding new services to provide the widest possible range of evidence-based, diagnostic and preventative medicine to you.

  • Irish GPs are recognised as being among the best internationally, due to excellent training in a wider variety of specialties than most countries. Irish GPs know more than hospital specialists about almost everything – except a Consultant’s own specialty

  • If you decide to visit the Emergency Department without a GP referral, you will be billed €100 for the pleasure of spending 6-12 hours of your day there, to be seen by staff who are not trained in General Practice so can only deal well with actual emergencies.

  • You could rely on the fact that everyone is entitled to get ‘free’ or almost free hospital care in Ireland (costing about €14billion of taxpayers money or 90% of the health budget), regardless of your income or whether you have a medical card. But have you ever tried to access it?



The bottom line for us is this....

  • Providing high-quality, accessible, evidence-based healthcare on your doorstep without waiting lists costs money but we firmly believe that by continuing to expand our patient-centred services we offer outstanding value for money. We hope you agree.




How to make your visit to Galway Bay Medical Centre even better value for money:

  • Claim against GP costs on your health insurance. Depending on your policy you can claim back up to 50%. We already believe we offer great value for money but 50% off is even better. If you don't have private health insurance, then you have hundreds of euros more in your pocket each year, but leave yourself exposed to relying on public hospital services.

  • You can claim tax relief on some medical costs through a Med1 form. http://www.revenue.ie/en/tax/it/leaflets/it6.html

  • Avail of various state-funded (‘free‘ to you) services that we offer, for example free smears via Cervicalcheck.ie, free antenatal and postnatal care, free childhood vaccines, free routine medical care for those with medical card and GP visit cards, free minor surgery and cryotherapy for those with insurance.

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